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Just Live You, Know

​Cover up but not too much. Spread a little joy and come to terms with any type of noise and prepare yourself for a different pose. Juggling emotions in your brain is not something for you to entertain but please remain sane for each session that may contain pain. Although laughter is the best medicine, … Continue reading

Just Know, Ok.

Trying to find my way but it seems like it gets harder each and every day. Sometimes I feel myself struggling on which way to go. The struggle is so blinding even you can’t see that there’s something trying to bring you to your knee. So many things blocking your view and you don’t have … Continue reading

The Process We Go Thru

Guy: Hey beautiful, How you doing? Girl: I’m fine and you? Guy: I’m good but I would be even better if I could talk to you and take you out to dinner. Girl: Well, what if I told you I have boyfriend? Would that make you back up off me? Guy: Well, then I would … Continue reading

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