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Star Gazed

When you look at the starry sky what do you see? What comes to mind? How do you feel after you’ve analyzed that part of your life? In that instant of thought you have already flew past all the “what if’s” and the “what could’ve been” and also your current situation, the “what will happen … Continue reading

Flight Is Possible

Another bird inside, one continuously trying to hide because there’s no where to run. But it seems this bird wants to join in on the fun. Except the bird can’t, it lost its way so it has to find something to do before its to late. Create to hesitate? No, but flight is within reach, … Continue reading


Familiar sees me, then it loses me. Familiar could not anticipate anything but it was there along the rode. Paths are not forced, only chosen. How many you get? Thats only for you to know, is it not? Choosing the wrong path comes with consequences even if they don’t happen right away but somewhere along … Continue reading

Beauty In Plain 

Beautiful as you are…it comes simple to you…beautiful as you are…it may not always be noticable. But it is there. As beautiful as you are, you ahould be able to see whats right in front of you. Clear as day..plain in sight. Beauty is all over so how could you not see it? Are you … Continue reading

Living with Thoughts

Not wanting to live somewhere is just silly, dont you think. Living is hard enough but not wanting to live in a certain spot is just about the same I believe. But why would you feel this way? Something must have occured for this to take place. Bad or good, we wouldn’t know unless you … Continue reading

To Secret Or Not Secret

Secrets. How many does one have? How many does one keep? What do you do when the secret is out? Run away and start a new life? Or hope that every one accepts it? Guess everything depends on the secret. First you must accept the darkness and then only can you move forward. And toward … Continue reading


What is life without pain, and what is life without nothing to gain, what is life without the hardships. Life is something we can not be without at this present day and moment that we all share. We all care for it and want it to be the best and unlike the rest. Just say … Continue reading


Sitting and thinking. Very wishful thinking or maybe hopeful thinking or maybe just contemplating about rearranging some situations because some of this stuff is causing complications. Not knowing what to do because you holding on to every thing and not moving forward. Now your just being a coward because your afraid of the future. Well … Continue reading


Turmoil? Go outside and flip the soil. Go to a cave and you might find oil. But wen you shoot a gun are you instantly waiting forthe recoil? Now here we are, you cant be that spoiled otherwise i may have to wrap you in aluminum foil and throw you in the trash then you’ll … Continue reading


Im just like blah blah blah nowadays. Stuff going crazy and out of whack. About to go to my dream world at least there something will seem kind of real even if only for a second. Kind of feeling it all now. Smh. My butter toast will never taste the same as it did all … Continue reading


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