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Star Gazed

When you look at the starry sky what do you see? What comes to mind? How do you feel after you’ve analyzed that part of your life? In that instant of thought you have already flew past all the “what if’s” and the “what could’ve been” and also your current situation, the “what will happen now.” After all that pondering, you have made so many choices and every possible situation you can think of. Still peering into the night sky, contemplating on what to settle for or if you should settle at all. Move on or stay home. The thought process is altered when you’re gazing upon the marvelous night sky. But there you lie, gazzing and stunned by its beauty and hit with a pinch of peace only to realize that true peace is not easily obtained. So you chuckle and smile in hope of your efforts actually trying to reach an almost unattainable goal. Silence for a moment, yet another realization hits you, that the stars really are amazing from this view. 



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