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Flight Is Possible

Another bird inside, one continuously trying to hide because there’s no where to run. But it seems this bird wants to join in on the fun. Except the bird can’t, it lost its way so it has to find something to do before its to late. Create to hesitate? No, but flight is within reach, so there must be something to still teach. The bird takes one look back and then looks forward to the others and finally joins the fun.No hiding, no running and very little contemplating. Just insight on what’s to come to light so surely everything will be alright. Right wing up and left wing ready, body aligned and the bird is standing right in line. Off he goes straight into the wind as it carries him straight to the path that needed to be taken. The little bird has grown so much that he continues his travel in the skies since his story is on the rise. With nothing on his mind he can fly even as high as the sun. No more holding back he says. And with each flap everything becomes that much easier. Sooner or later he’ll catch up and fly side by side with his partner so they can travel once again. He doesn’t want to fly alone anymore but luckily he isn’t going to. And each flap takes takes him higher and higher while feeling lighter and lighter. His heart’s been moved and courage almost restored. It won’t be long now he thought, it won’t be long now and he smiled as he continued to soar and such high spirits almost as if he had the strength of a million birds but this bird is a special bird and he knows it. Embrace the sadness but welcome it with something better and it will be that much easier.



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