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Just Know, Ok.

Trying to find my way but it seems like it gets harder each and every day. Sometimes I feel myself struggling on which way to go. The struggle is so blinding even you can’t see that there’s something trying to bring you to your knee. So many things blocking your view and you don’t have a clue whats really true. Failing to realize that someone is playing you. I need you to figure what to do before you fall for the trap and there will be no hand claps unless you undo the magic that was cast before your very eyes. Whenever a chance opens up, seize the opportunity in the blink of an eye. Also if it hurts try not to cry but you can if you need to. Just make sure your paying attention to what your doing and where you going. Don’t get caught in the lies and try to remember that the truth will allow you to fly. When you feel blinded just have someone remind you that you are special and loved. Then it will not feel as if you are struggling.

Side Note-Don’t get lost in the cycle of not knowing anything. Each and every soul deserves to know where they’re going.



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