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moonlight-ireland3Touching it seems impossible. So far out of arm’s length. Even a tree’s branches couldn’t reach it but it shines ever brilliantly just sitting up there very quietly. As quiet as it is, no one notices that it disappears so sudden. Not even leaving a trace of its existence behind. Then nightfall comes again and the light from the moon guides those in the dark. Now able to walk through the moonlit path things become a little easier.

The moonlight is used as guidance for the creatures and human beings that don’t have nocturnal vision. Things that were once covered by the shadows can now be seen with the light of the moon.

Yet and still it’s too far out of reach. It cannot be grasped but maybe something can be learned. Trying to learn something from this angle may be a bit of a hassle. This would be easier if it were closer. Walking towards it does not nothing, just seem like its getting farther and farther.

It is still out of arm’s reach and still so far. Will it ever come closer? The path has became a bit of a struggle and progress is slow but as long as you feel like your getting closer then don’t give up.



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