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Even though miles away

Even though miles away, your laughter reached our hearts.¬†Even though miles away, your love reached our hearts. Just because you were so far away doesn’t mean you wasn’t thinking about us.Your the one that would always ask hows life going and I would tell you the same thing. You probably hated when I said that. … Continue reading


Touching it seems impossible. So far out of arm’s length. Even a tree’s branches couldn’t reach it but it shines ever brilliantly just sitting up there very quietly. As quiet as it is, no one notices that it disappears so sudden. Not even leaving a trace of its existence behind. Then nightfall comes again and … Continue reading

Make It Good

If I stay, will you stay. Despite everything that has happened what will you do now.¬†Leave or stay that are your options and it seems there are limitless possibilities but in reality it’s one possible outcome for each choice that was given. The choice is yours, always have been and always will be. No one … Continue reading


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