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I Can’t Believe It

137110249058750360love_birds_wedding_bands-svg-hiWhy? I’m not sure myself, if I knew I would tell everyone.

Love is so complicated, got me feeling really outrageous and this is really serious. Can’t believe what I’m saying, what I’m feeling, just as crazy as it gets, I guess.

Feeling like I’m everywhere, which is crazy. Sitting here shaking my head but what ever. All I can do is laugh and smile because it’s so funny just like a bunny hopping around all day.

Your heart starts to pump faster than ever and your brain begins to think that it might be pretty clever and just like that your leaping off that high mountain top hoping that “it” will catch you. No regrets, just feeling relieved that you can finally have it. After months and years, you finally obtain it. The knowledge no one in the world has because this is something you can’t even explain so begone to all those that will try to explain it. This is something you have to find out on your own. No one can tell you so you have to just figure it out on your own so that it will only be your fault if you fail.

Don’t let it get the best of you though! Always make sure you stay in control but at the same time just let it flow. But if you have to let it go at some point then just let it take flight like a bird that flies through the night and if it that “bird” comes back then its true to you and all reasoning you knew will be lunged into the depths of the past and forgiving will be the right thing to do so the only thing that needs to be done is moving forward, looking to the the light!



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