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The Process We Go Thru

Guy: Hey beautiful, How you doing?

Girl: I’m fine and you?

Guy: I’m good but I would be even better if I could talk to you and take you out to dinner.

Girl: Well, what if I told you I have boyfriend? Would that make you back up off me?

Guy: Well, then I would say I don’t take up much space…. But since your asking me that I’m going to assume that you don’t have a man in your life.

Girl: I have a man in my life and he’s far greater than you.

Guy: Well, how could you be so sure if you haven’t even given me a try?

Girl: Because I know guys like you. They only want one thing and that one thing you not getting so back up.

Guy: Well, thats not the case with me baby—

Girl: Don’t call me baby, because I am not your baby

Guy: ok, ok. Like I was saying, I wouldn’t do that with you.

Girl: And why wouldn’t you do that with me?

Guy: Because I can tell that you different ba—. You just something special. I just got this gut feeling that you gone brighten up my life.

Girl: 😁Are you serious? Thats what your gut is telling you.

Guy: Yea I’m serious. I think you should just give me a try.



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