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On The Outside Looking In

Ultimately you think before you do anything sometimes you just think to fast. Which is the reason why people act on impulse occasionally. Acting on impose is not always a bad thing. It can be helpful at times but be careful. You never know what will happen. You should really think long and hard before you can make a really good rational decision. So for example when your on the outside looking in. Things can look more complicated than it actually is because you’re not there within the situation. Your just judging based off what you hear from someone but since there is no known fact of what is going on then you shouldn’t judge the outside appearance of something. In order to see the full story, you have to view the big picture or read the entire story. Only then will you actually be able to make sense of whats happening and make a solution. When your on the outside looking in, you should be very observant if you’re going to try to give out solutions to problems.



3 thoughts on “On The Outside Looking In

  1. The reverse can also be true. I remember not applying for a job based soley on the description however later on the manager responsible for filling the position sought me out to recruit me. After thinking and praying on it I took a leap of faith. It was extremely challenging but I succeeded well beyond my wildest dreams. I’m a thinker and have the tendency to overthink things which can sometimes leave me feeling paralyzed. Good post!! ~Steph

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    Posted by Stephanae V. McCoy | August 27, 2015, 12:45 pm

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