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Beautiful, Isn’t It?


Are you ever really lonely or do you make yourself lonely? Looking up at the star lit sky and wondering if the stars are alone. Never know though. Can’t tell from below on this ground. Looking from below they all look really close to each other almost if they’re best friends or sticking to each other like glue. In reality they are extremely far apart. Maybe because if they touch they’ll explode and maybe that’s where that shooting star came from. Not sure but the sight of this looks beautiful. It’s a very calming and soothing sight to see almost as if I’m laying in a nice hot bubble bath. The sight of this sky massages the eyesight and sends the brain into a deep trance. A trance that you don’t want to leave. You get the feeling of eating warm chocolate cookies that melt in your mouth while also drinking a not too cold glass of milk. All of your senses are entertained; the best trance you could ever fall in. There’s soft music playing so your ears are dancing with joy. For this moment you are not apart of the world anymore but apart of the universes peace. Tranquility is but a good sign that you are at peace with yourself and your life as well.

Your only lonely if you make yourself lonely. Don’t be afraid to talk.



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