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Chapter 1: The Lie Begins; John

Lost in my head and my thoughts are rambling almost if they are never going to stop. Feeling a minor headache creeping inside as if when your watching a horror movie and the killer slowly comes in. An annoying screeching sound I hear coming from my kitchen faucet that takes me out my thoughts for a second to remind me that I need to get the faucet fixed. When she was here, she’d tell me to get up and get that taken care of. Maybe its time to fix it I thought. I know she would be yelling at me right now if I didn’t but even that never got me up to do anything. Anyway, I’m going to call the plumber because that noise is really aggravating. Looking back I wonder where everything began, you know? Any how its time to get dressed and I can’t lay here anymore thinking; its very tiring. I turn my head and look at her and smile. Always to say thank you. She helped me out a lot.

Well, its 8:30 in the morning. The time I usually wake up and get things going. My children would be rising up if I had any.  We’d do a couple laps in my backward(sighs). I’m getting side tracked again and I began to shake my head in shame. Well, my name is John and I’m your average looking guy with a small muscle build, standing at five feet and eight inches and always well groomed. I’m a very observant guy and very particular about what I want.

Side Note: Chapters will be slightly long so that readers will not be intimidated about how much they have to read.



One thought on “Chapter 1: The Lie Begins; John

  1. I feels ya bro

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by eric | August 23, 2015, 11:51 pm

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