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Are you excited or are you happy?

What do you do when you find yourself in a tight spot and there’s only two choices. One option gives you what you think you want and the other option makes you think its going to be okay. Both choices seem good but both can also be very hurtful, what if you make the wrong choice? You just gone have to deal with it? The tight spot you’re in can be very difficult to get out of because what if you don’t like the decision that you made, then you just roll with it. No turning back now. It’s too late. If it were much simpler than the whole process of decision-making would be a lot easier. Your pinned not knowing what to do. Options we have to make everyday of our lives prepares us for what’s about to happen next and sometimes it don’t. Wanting to be happy with the choice we make is also a part of it as well. But if both choices satisfy you then shouldn’t it be easy to pick one? If not does that mean only one choice will satisfy you? Too bad in this particular case you can’t kill two birds with one stone. In fact more time is needed but the decision will be made either from the pressure your under or just based on how you feel.



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