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The Process We Go Thru

Guy: Hey beautiful, How you doing? Girl: I’m fine and you? Guy: I’m good but I would be even better if I could talk to you and take you out to dinner. Girl: Well, what if I told you I have boyfriend? Would that make you back up off me? Guy: Well, then I would … Continue reading

On The Outside Looking In

Ultimately you think before you do anything sometimes you just think to fast. Which is the reason why people act on impulse occasionally. Acting on impose is not always a bad thing. It can be helpful at times but be careful. You never know what will happen. You should really think long and hard before … Continue reading

Beautiful, Isn’t It?

Are you ever really lonely or do you make yourself lonely? Looking up at the star lit sky and wondering if the stars are alone. Never know though. Can’t tell from below on this ground. Looking from below they all look really close to each other almost if they’re best friends or sticking to each … Continue reading

Are you excited or are you happy?

What do you do when you find yourself in a tight spot and there’s only two choices. One option gives you what you think you want and the other option makes you think its going to be okay. Both choices seem good but both can also be very hurtful, what if you make the wrong … Continue reading

Chapter 1: The Lie Begins; John

Lost in my head and my thoughts are rambling almost if they are never going to stop. Feeling a minor headache creeping inside as if when your watching a horror movie and the killer slowly comes in. An annoying screeching sound I hear coming from my kitchen faucet that takes me out my thoughts for … Continue reading

The Hand You’ve Been Dealt

Talking is impossible, are you even capable? Trying to understand, is this a choice, should i chose a hand? This or the other, now thats pretty clever. By now someone is under the weather, trying to gather a lil cheddar and knock someone out just like floyd mayweather.


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