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Introduction to Deceit: The Journey Begins

Torn in between confrontation and conflict of interest. Wanting different things and no longer seeing as one. What happened to the unity and the pride? The happiness that one seeks when with a companion; nothing seems to matter anymore. Sacrifices aren’t being made. What happened to keeping each other free? Sit down and drink a cup of tea. For what we cannot see right in front us, we are called blind. Did the two lose trust? No one knows. Communication is not key to these two. Always arguing and making a huge fuss; need I ask again where’s the trust. The love no longer exist within their core and judging from the looks; they may be a little sore. Torn between true happiness and the feelings of being lonely. Torn into pieces, broken down, how much longer will it go on? The choices and options are limitless. Lets confess the destruction that’s been caused down the line. There’s been drama, confusion, tears and a great amount of pain. So emotional as if this person is suddenly on a roller coaster and walking in the rain. At last a joy breaks though and maybe it will be something they get through…..



2 thoughts on “Introduction to Deceit: The Journey Begins

  1. The hardest part about when a relationship is ending is figuring out how truly lost you are. How much it took a toll on you. How much of yourself is gone…. It will NOT be easy. There will be days that you don’t want to face. Days where staying in bed is 10x better than getting out. It WILL be okay. It is going to hurt for some time but in the end you’ll be strong. Make sure to look back and see what actually went wrong. Was it you? Was it her? Was it collectively both? Take those points and polish them so your next relationship (or maybe revisiting this one) doesn’t go sour.

    Keep writing. Keep expressing.




    Posted by Lola | August 2, 2015, 8:03 pm

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