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The Code to Live By

“Never give up.” This is what I will live by now and forever. Always staying determined and never backing down from anyone. Walking by faith and with bold confidence. Not allowed to quit on anything or anyone even if stabbed in the back. But there are those that quit, I will be the one to uplift there spirits and tell them to keep going. Everyone’s dream is attainable; you just have to focus and not quit. If there’s ever a chance of doubt I will reread this post and think to myself(Never give up). I am my own man and I always will be. I have my own set of rules and laws that I follow.



One thought on “The Code to Live By

  1. I admire your spirit. I respect your viewpoint. BUT, remember to not follow something or someone blindly. It is easy to say “I won’t give up on a person” but what about them giving up on themselves or treating you poorly? Yes, be faithful and loyal to your OWN rules and laws but always second guess the externals laws/rules.

    Speak,Eat,Sleep & Live FREELY




    Posted by Lola | August 2, 2015, 8:09 pm

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