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The Queen

Big mouthed, queen of the streets, don’t let her pretty face fool you, she’s a mean beast. But behind closed doors she’s as soft as cream pies. Always doing for her man until she realize that he does so much also to please her. From buying her major things and even to the tinest of things. Even if she’s angry at him, he still willingly and without a doubt still does for her. Both her and him close as can be will love each other until the end you’ll see. Even though he’s soft spoken and kind hearted, she loves him dearly and you’ll be able to tell cleary. Through all the arguments, misunderstandings and when she has no money, she’s still gaining. This man loves her cleary can’t you tell even if he was go to jail, he swear he’d send her mail. Never missing a chance to hear back from her. Now you should understand that this man loves this woman clearly, can’t you tell. The woman is the same, no shame in her game. She runs through trials and tribulations for her man. She’s know its rough for him but she still right beside him no matter what. Who would’ve thought she stayed this whole time but all for one man, you’d think she’s losing her mind. But this woman is independent and knows what she wants. She need not be blunt. But all this love she has for him could make the earth live forever. However, love can’t power the earth but it can keep the two togther for a long time you’ll see. Now both man and woman are happily togther now and forever.



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