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Relationships: My Xbox and I

The relationships that are normally discussed among people are the relationships between two human beings or maybe even a pet and its owner. However, there are other relationships that go beyond human to human relations which is something far more interesting. People have relationships with non-human objects and sometimes do not even realize that they do. I have realized the connection between me and my video games; even though it is distant but still close. One can determine that video games can help change and mold a person into a new reformed character.
Before I had my game system I was always outside until it came time for me to come in the house. I had nothing to do then but stare at the TV. Then the day came when my dad brought me home an Xbox and I thought to myself “great, now I have something to do when I come in the house.” From that moment on is when my Xbox and I began to have a connection with one another. Every day that I came home from school I would go straight to my room and start playing it. My mother would have to remind me to do my homework most of the time; other times I would remember so that I can spend the rest of the day on the game. That is when I received the nickname “game fanatic.” In the beginning I kind of embraced the name, because it was a true nickname that showed who I was. Games became a part of me and I would act as though I was the character of the game I was playing. For example when I played the game “Incredible Hulk,” I acted as if I was the strongest man alive. My game keeps me animated and imaginative. It also gave me a whole bunch of “what if” possibilities. I would sometimes ask myself what if I had some super powers or what if I was a skilled ninja like Ninja Gaiden ready to annihilate demonic monsters. The possibilities are endless.
As the years progressed, I began to mature. I began to learn different ideas from playing my game. Usually people would comment on how if you play games all your life then you will be nothing but a slacker. I think differently. The game serves its purpose as encouragement. In order to play it I would have to finish my homework and bring home a good report card. When my parents saw how good I was doing in school; come time for my birthday or Christmas, I was able to get any game I wanted or they would surprise me with a game. This tool was also used against me, for when I was on punishment the first thing my parents would say is no game until I get my act together or until I bring my grades up in school.
Even though some games are non-realistic, I still believe that games teach people a little about life. For instance, the Sims’s game teaches a person how to be stabilized when raising a family and it shows responsibility. Having to practice that kind of gameplay on a game can prepare you for some things ahead in the future. There are other games that I played that show how life cannot be repeated. When a character in any game dies, that character can be brought back to life in order to get as many chances to retry what was done wrong. In reality that cannot happen. When a person dies, that is it and there are no more chances; either the person does right and live a great life or does wrong and reap the consequences. Sometimes it is not whether someone lives or die; sometimes it can be about making mistakes. Mistakes can be made and learned from playing the game. Similar to the game world, life mistakes can be retried and or learned from. Playing the game also helped me realized that it is imperative that people should always work hard and not give up on their goals.
I think having a relationship with a game is very abnormal. When I think about if there are other people who have relationships with video games is extremely odd but I am able to relate to something like this; because I play my game a lot when I can. I talk as if my game is an actual person but I know it is not. Sometimes I talk while I am playing the game. When I play racing games, I relate it to the real world as if I am running away from something that I do not want to talk about. I also think having a relationship with a game could be common. Some people use games to escape from reality for a while. Even though life is still going, the game acts as a drug that relaxes the mind. Many people have games that they play and it keeps them preoccupied or settled.
Having my Xbox in my life has shown me how to value relationships. My game system is my most treasured item. I had it since I was just a boy and been playing it ever since. When making friends it is important that friends know how meaningful the relationship is. Buying gifts or just making a card is one way of doing that. When I buy games for my system, it means I care enough to play it and not just to have it as a trophy system and have it sit in a glass box for people to view it.
Therefore, life should always be taken seriously but video games should act as a reminder to inform people that they cannot cheat life and survive. Human to human relationships are important in every way. Relationships are not always easy. Not every relationship that is made is kept. Sometimes a relationship cannot work; the two people or the person and the object will not mix together. Try to manage them and make time for them and the relationships that are made will almost always be kept. It is important to have an eminent, devoted and promising relationship with anyone or anything.



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