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Real Recognize Real

Real recognize real.

Let me tell you how one feels. The emptiness in his stomach seems so real. Trying to nullify the void that seems like it won’t heal.

Real recognize real.

This unconscious feeling is not keeping him still. Want to keep his mind off it. But something is making him weary. Can’t seem to justify anything amongst all these lies. There are ties bonding them togther, but clearly they’re under the weather.

Real recognize real.

Tears begin to feel his eyes. Screaming out loud above to the clouds. Everything around him begins to get blury. Barely being able to see, clinging to his knees, begging God, please, please, please…..

Real recognize real.

Total silence for 10 seconds. He then wipes his eyes clear. No fear, time to be sincere, swearing up and down that he has it all right here. No more lies….No more drama….No more time to be wasted….

Real recognize real.

He picks up the phone and tells her that he wants to speak. Telling her everything so that there will be a good outcome. She starts to cry….

Real recognize real

She begans to say we’re both sorry and thats understood. The past is behind us so let us look forward. Please don’t reconsider. The truth is out so lets go from there. A fresh start; now that’s good to hear. Stop the tears and stop the pain. From this point on we will have clean names.

Real recognize real.

He begans to speak under all of the unexpected heat. That sounds great. A clean slate, you say. Wouldn’t want it done any other way. All is forgiven!

Real recognized real.

Now they both have a different grove and the two will be silky smooth.



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