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Thinking Too Long

Thinking, thinking so much. I can feel the rush. Heart heavy, its so unsettling, trying to make a decision and its making me so wary. Complications with every choice. Man, I hope I can rejoice soon enough because I want to make some noise.  Im tired of thinking to myself. Its exhausting and it always has me sweating. With every drip of slippery wet water droplet I become more impatient trying to figure out what to do. I really don’t have a clue. Well….Maybe I do. Thinking, my mind is in turmoil, my heart even heavier, soul carrying the heaviest burden. Felt like I just did a murder. My mind is in relapse so I’m trying to calm down before I collapse. My heart pounding, feels like I’m getting punched in the chest. Its so hard for me to relax. My soul holding it all, trying to benefit both heart and mind. Thinking so much, I’m getting worried, burried in my own thoughts. Digging my way out but I’m ten feet deep. This gona’ take awhile. Getting closer to the opening, feeling so good just like I know it should. Mind is starting to get clear so I’m about to put everything in the rear. The tears gone, headaches gone, heart just got strong and my mind has never been wrong. There’s nothing else to think about. I’m not taking a different route. No more thinking, I’m done reconsidering and now I can finally eat this chicken. Its been sitting here awhile so I’m going to take my time.



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