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Introduction to Deceit: The Journey Begins

Torn in between confrontation and conflict of interest. Wanting different things and no longer seeing as one. What happened to the unity and the pride? The happiness that one seeks when with a companion; nothing seems to matter anymore. Sacrifices aren’t being made. What happened to keeping each other free? Sit down and drink a … Continue reading

Not Alone

Sitting, pacing, panting and wondering why others think he’s alone. A question to ponder on. Things may go wrong but as far everyone else knows, he’s struggling to move around and grab things on his own. Living life the way he lives it is impossible; now thats how others may unwind his story. Truth be … Continue reading

The Code to Live By

“Never give up.” This is what I will live by now and forever. Always staying determined and never backing down from anyone. Walking by faith and with bold confidence. Not allowed to quit on anything or anyone even if stabbed in the back. But there are those that quit, I will be the one to … Continue reading

Relationships: My Xbox and I

The relationships that are normally discussed among people are the relationships between two human beings or maybe even a pet and its owner. However, there are other relationships that go beyond human to human relations which is something far more interesting. People have relationships with non-human objects and sometimes do not even realize that they … Continue reading

The Queen

Big mouthed, queen of the streets, don’t let her pretty face fool you, she’s a mean beast. But behind closed doors she’s as soft as cream pies. Always doing for her man until she realize that he does so much also to please her. From buying her major things and even to the tinest of … Continue reading

Real Recognize Real

Real recognize real. Let me tell you how one feels. The emptiness in his stomach seems so real. Trying to nullify the void that seems like it won’t heal. Real recognize real. This unconscious feeling is not keeping him still. Want to keep his mind off it. But something is making him weary. Can’t seem … Continue reading

Thinking Too Long

Thinking, thinking so much. I can feel the rush. Heart heavy, its so unsettling, trying to make a decision and its making me so wary. Complications with every choice. Man, I hope I can rejoice soon enough because I want to make some noise.  Im tired of thinking to myself. Its exhausting and it always … Continue reading


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