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I can’t get out, I’m boxed in. I  must be. Can’t find a way out. It’s dark, can’t see much but a small faint light. So I must be in a tunnel. The end of road so far ahead but I’m really not sure. It must be time for me to get out of here. how? I can’t even find where the light is coming from. It’s so hard to see, why can’t I just leave. It must be something blinding me. I’m running, (It has to be somewhere for me to escape. The light is still small. Where there is light, there’s an exit(I thought). Nothing is around, just walls and floors and that small faint of light that I’m able to see. But when I walk straight down this, I don’t get closer. Maybe if I turn the corner I’ll get closer. Turning the corner, (seems like I was right). The light I see is brighter than usual. Now I just need to make a few adjustments and I will be able to see clearly. I’m walking and just spotted a box. There’s a few items in it. Maybe I can use them. Inside I find a flash light, a blank piece of paper and a two foot rope. How will this help? I’ll make do with what I have and leave this place. Now I turn more corners and the light is getting much brighter and I’m so excited. So I start to run again and then Boom! I’m at the end of the end of the tunnel and now I use the rope to climb up the bridge I was under. Now I can go home. I am extremely relieved. I’m about ten miles out but I’ll make it. I’m sure my parents are worried sick. They’ll be happy when I tell them this story. Sometimes you just have to shine a little bit of light on things and you’ll see your way through any situation.



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