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Thee Conversation

Josh: Hey Joe What up!

Joe: Whatsup Josh!

Josh: Nothing Much, just trying to live life and move on. You know? The professional business way of doing things.

Joe: (LOL) Really. The professional business way of things. You crack me up Josh.

Josh: Seriously. I’m being serious. One day i plan to become rich thru professional means.

Joe: Josh your only eleven. So theres not much you can do right now besides pretend that you have super powers.

Josh: Sooo, your only twelve. How do you know that I don’t have super powers now? I could be like that mysterious kid in that one movie that didn’t have powers and then out of no where im just super. Flying around with my laser eyes and super strong strength.

Joe: ….Uh, i dont even know what to say to that. Where do you get these ideas from? I’m just so confused. I suppose I’m going to attain these “super powers.” And be your side kick?

Josh: Yep, maybe you will get super powers too. The way I see it, I’m going to be the strongest.

Joe: (LOL) Your going to be the strongest? Now what makes you think your going to be the strongest? I mean, I’m taller than you, bigger than you and already stronger than you now.

Josh: So what? Thats now but when it happens. I’ll show you. (Sticks out his tongue and then leaves the room)



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