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A Passage to Think on

Do everyone go through the same situations and or drama all the time and wonder why its happening but you know deep in yo mind the reason this particular thing is going on. You just want to hear someone else say it or have proof of the situation. Sometimes you have to buckle down and face the stone cold heartless truth. It will be painful but so what. All you have to do is bear through the pain. Life is about learning new things and having many different experiences and then using those ideas and past episodes of your life to make a better choice so that you may have a clearer path. Sometimes you know the choice but you still don’t want to make the decision. You should never wait so long because the choice will be made for you eventually no matter how long you take. “Destiny” will make your choice for you.



One thought on “A Passage to Think on

  1. Ok nephew I heard you get to that light den


    Posted by Rae black | July 14, 2015, 12:34 am

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