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Life Still Goes On

From one life to another, mother to daughter and father to son. Just like that, the cycle begun. Trying to make changes and different rearrangements. Living a little different in every situation. Sometimes there’s hesitation. In the world of making choices we have little resources. Then there’s that doubt that we all have in the … Continue reading

Thee Conversation

Josh: Hey Joe What up! Joe: Whatsup Josh! Josh: Nothing Much, just trying to live life and move on. You know? The professional business way of doing things. Joe: (LOL) Really. The professional business way of things. You crack me up Josh. Josh: Seriously. I’m being serious. One day i plan to become rich thru professional means. … Continue reading


I can’t get out, I’m boxed in. I  must be. Can’t find a way out. It’s dark, can’t see much but a small faint light. So I must be in a tunnel. The end of road so far ahead but I’m really not sure. It must be time for me to get out of here. … Continue reading

The Eagle Starts to Grow

Feelings, emotions, pressure and loneliness. There is one bird I know of that fly’s alone. It is the eagle, my favorite animal. Feelings of not being able to fly. Why is that? Mother gave me the lessons and taught me well. I want to know what the problem is. Oh, now I see the problem. … Continue reading

A Passage to Think on

Do everyone go through the same situations and or drama all the time and wonder why its happening but you know deep in yo mind the reason this particular thing is going on. You just want to hear someone else say it or have proof of the situation. Sometimes you have to buckle down and … Continue reading


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